Are Microwave Ovens Hazardous To Your Health?

The other day I was chatting with a friend about something and I happened to mention microwave and was shocked to hear her response. She said she didn’t keep a microwave at home because it causes cancer!

On the face of it, the statement has some (howsoever flimsy) merits. By that measure, just about every electronic item in the house needs to be discarded, because believe it or not, they all emit radiation.

The simple fact about radiation is that it is wave property more than anything else. So, for example, if your Wi-Fi router did not radiate signal carrying waves, then that little box is defunct. The same is the case with your refrigerator, TV, cell phone, you name it.

Even the earth’s surface (as well as what’s under it) emits some form of radiation. Then there is radiation from the skies and beyond (read space). And all of these radiations in their right measure have the potency to be lethal.

So, does that mean we simply stop living?

The smart money is on proper utilization of every appliance (because they too emit radiation) that we have around us to make our lives that much easier on a day-to-day basis. The microwave oven is no exception to that rule. Yes, it heats your food through microwave radiation, but it does so within an enclosed area.

Further to this, there is no substantive evidence to suggest microwaved food is radiation poisoned or that its nutritional value is any way compromised more than what one would experience with conventional cooking methods.

So, instead of explaining the whole concept of wave and particle nature, or non-ionizing radiation, I’ll simply say this… Microwaves do emit radiation but the only way they are going to kill you is if you decide to stick your head into one!

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